Yak, or Nak, not Gak.

Yak, or Nak, not Gak.

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No one in the Khumbu actually drinks "Yak Milk" or eats "Yak Cheese." Yak is male. Nak is female. Whatever you do, don't eat Gak. That's shit.

Pearl Prints

These professional quality Pearl Prints are less shiny than glossy prints, but more shiny than matte. They look great when viewed under all different light sources, and do not easily show fingerprints.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

These professional quality Gallery-Wrapped Canvases have an elegant finish to highlight and protect the print, along with perfectly flat corners and a solid back. The 8"x10" canvas has a .5" gallery wrap, built-in easel for desktop display, and hinged hardware. The 12"x18" and larger sizes have a 1.25" gallery wrap, and include ready-to-hang hardware.

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