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Chris Brinlee Jr
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There are few wild place left in the world. Eastern Greenland is one of them. In August 2017, Chris Brinlee, Jr. and Andrew Yasso set out in search of adventure - paddling 100 miles through a remote fjord system in search of climbable rock and first ascents. This is what they discovered.



The Team

Chris and Andrew met on the American Alpine Institute's Alpine Mountaineering & Technical Leadership course in Washington's North Cascades - where Chris was the student and Andrew was the Instructor. Their mentorship quickly grew into a friendship; and was then transformed into a partnership on this expedition.


Chris Brinlee, Jr.

Chris climbed a mountain for the first time in March 2014; the skills that he developed during that winter mountaineering course would enable him to continue growing into an alpinist. One of his first aspirations was to climb the unclimbed, in Eastern Greenland; for the next two and a half years, he continued collecting the skills and experience necessary to realize those aspirations.

Andrew Yasso

As a lead instructor for The American Alpine Institute and AMGA-certified rock guide, Andrew has had the opportunity and privilege to introduce hundreds of people into the world of alpine and rock climbing, including Chris - though this expedition to Eastern Greenland provided an opportunity to explore on a more personal level.


The Stories

Stories from the Edge of the Earth were told through photography and long-form captions on social media, original blog posts, and editorial features with several major publications.

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One Week Adventure: Eastern Greenland

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Eastern Greenland is as stunningly beautiful as it is rugged and remote. Its landscapes are defined by intricate and expansive fjord systems where 6000-foot glaciated peaks plunge straight down into turquoise waters - their ridgelines expand as far as the eye can see. Rogue ‘bergs from the nearby ice shelf (the world’s second largest after Antarctica) carelessly drift about. Whales can be seen and heard breaching all around. Tiny, scenic villages dot the fjords, their brightly colored buildings popping up against the stony ground. Looking around, it’s no wonder that the place is a mecca for wilderness adventures.


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Finding Moments of Stillness

\\\ Huckberry

The swell lifted and dropped the bottom out of my kayak. A barrage of cold, stinging droplets pelted my face, the only area of my body exposed to the elements. I shouted at the top of my lungs to my camping buddy Andrew, trying to get his attention. I blew my whistle and kept shouting, but the wind suffocated any sound coming out of my mouth. Andrew continued on, paddling in the wrong direction.


Finding Frontiers On The Edge Of The Earth

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The Frontier: Greenland is one of the world’s most remote and strikingly beautiful countries. With half of its landmass located above the Arctic Circle much of its backcountry remains unexplored. Our BaseLantern beta tester, Chris Brinlee Jr. set out to spend a few weeks in Eastern Greenland, climbing peaks that remain unclimbed. 


Quelling the Skeptics

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Skepticism. That's the best way to describe the looks that Andrew Yasso and I received upon revealing that we would be paddling 16’ corrugated plastic boats 100 miles throughout a remote fjord system in eastern Greenland--just a stone's throw away from the arctic circle--on a two week-long, unsupported expedition in an attempt to climb the unclimbed.




Eastern Greenland is characterized by places where mountains meet the sea.



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