Chris Brinlee Jr
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Chris Brinlee Jr
Professional Problem Solver

Chris Brinlee, Jr. and team embarked on a multi-sport expedition, crossing New Zealand's rugged Southern Alps. Technical mountaineering enabled exploration of the vertical realm; packrafts enabled the discovery of expanded lateral perspectives; and ski touring connected the two together creating perspectives that were as wide as they were tall—revealing the relationship between mountains, glaciers, and rivers; and how those realms connect us all.



The Dream Team

For his latest project and expedition, Chris brought together a world-class team of multi-disciplined outdoor adventurers and storytellers to collaborate on what would become one of each of their most daring and defining missions yet. Despite their best efforts though, not everything would go according to plan.


Chris Brinlee, Jr.

Creative Director // Expedition Leader

In addition to crafting this project’s creative vision, Chris took the role of expedition leader on this ambitious mission—ensuring that the team accomplished what they set out to do: cross the Southern Alps and make it home to tell the tale.


Jacob Moon


Jacob Moon is a self taught freelance photographer from Bellingham, WA. Since a young age he has always had an insatiable curiosity for the natural world. This curiosity has driven him to develop many skills (rock & ice climbing, backpacking, camping in nearly all imaginable conditions, packrafting, backcountry skiing etc.) that have helped him reach and experience wild remote places around the world.

Another deep passion that Jacob has is to share his experiences in the natural world with others. This passion has lead him to reach out and tell his stories through social media, blogging, video, and meeting people in person that follow his work to teach and inspire thru workshops, social media meetups and over a cup of coffee.


Leigh McClurg


Born and raised in Ireland, Leigh loved the patchwork quilt of green farmland and medieval stone Castles of his home but always dreamed, from a young age, of snowcapped mountains, hidden log cabins with crackling wood hearths, encounters with Grizzlies and other wildlife.

He followed a path paved by others though, into his late 20’s, getting a Bachelors Degree and working in Offices. The economic recession of 2008 hit Ireland hard but was a blessing in disguise, it gave Leigh the motivation, along with his wife Spring, to finally start the lives they had been dreaming about. Two years later, in 2010, he moved to Canada and felt air enter his lungs for the first time. He started to live!


Ryan Colley

Local Expert

Having grown up on the remote and rugged West Coast of New Zealand,surrounded by forest, ocean, and mountains, Ryan Colley became immersed in the wilderness at a young age—spending weekends hiking, whitewater kayaking, and mountaineering.

After school Ryan migrated to the city to work in construction, but missed his adventurous life, so he left that job and returned home to study outdoor recreation. There he gained a diploma in Outdoor Instruction and Guiding—but more important than his diploma were the skills and knowledge that he acquired, allowing him to push his own adventures farther and harder.

While studying and working as a raft guide, Ryan discovered his passion for climbing; now he works as a glacial ice climbing guide in a small village nestled at the foot of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. There he has near-endless opportunities to head for the hills, whether with a climbing rack or a hunting rifle.



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The Test: Multi-sport on Mount Earnslaw

Is this even possible? That was the question Chris sought to answer when setting out on a miniature expedition to climb Mount Earnslaw, Aspiring National Park's second highest peak—and combine mountaineering, skiing, and packrafting.

In Photos: A Multi-Sport Crossing of the Southern Alps



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